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Terms & Conditions
Effective September 18, 2007

Welcome to The Cruise Line Ltd.! Please read these terms and conditions (the “Terms”) of use carefully. Access to and use of our websites is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions below. By accessing, using, purchasing or obtaining any content, products, or services through our websites, you agree to be bound by the Terms. If you do not accept all of these Terms, then please do not use our websites.

Important Information
  1. Definitions.

    In this document, terms that commence with a capital letter are defined in this Section, the preamble or the applicable section.

    Agency means The Cruise Line Ltd.

    Cruise means the portion of the Cruise Vacation offered by a cruise line including any applicable on-board or off-board cruise activity.

    Cruise Specialist means an independent contractor of Agency with whom the Cruise Vacation was Purchased.

    Cruise Vacation means the cruise Purchased from any Cruise line and any and all other applicable Products and Services.

    Customer means any individual or entity Purchasing any Products and Services.

    Customer Service means the department of Agency that handles all matters relating to customer service.

    EDOCS means the system by which the required travel documents are electronically delivered to any Customer or Passenger.

    Passenger means any individual using any Products and Services.

    Products and Services means the cruise travel, airline travel, hotel accommodation, ground transportation, tours, travel insurance, and other items available through our websites.

    Provider means third party cruise suppliers, information providers, and travel and leisure service providers.

    Purchase means to book, reserve, or purchase.

    Itinerary means the Pre-Registration (as defined below) itinerary from any Provider (specifically a Cruise Provider) that is viewable upon Pre-Registration and subject to change. Passengers and/or Customer should review the itinerary often for changes and accuracy.

  2. Confirmation and Invoice.

    By booking and agreeing to Purchase the Cruise Vacation by providing credit card details either by electronic mail (email) or telephonic communication, Customer agrees to the Terms of Agency and any applicable Provider. Provider’s terms and conditions can be found at its respective website, and/or in its brochure. Customer will be the only recipient of Confirmation and Invoice and is solely responsible to convey all information listed on such Confirmation and Invoice to all Passengers.

    Please review the Confirmation and Invoice in their entirety to confirm that the information and pricing is correct and accurate. Confirmation and Invoice will be sent by Agency to Customer within 3-5 business days following Purchase of the Cruise Vacation. If such Confirmation is not received by the end of this time period, Customer Service should be contacted and a Confirmation and Invoice will be resent. If no Confirmation and Invoice is ever received, Customer is still responsible for all Payments and bound by the Terms herein.

  3. Payments.

    Customer is responsible for all Payments and may see more than one charge reflected on the Invoice i.e. such as one charge by a Cruise Provider, one charge by Agency and one charge by an insurance Provider.

    Deposit. Deposit is required at the time of booking. This deposit will be charged automatically with the credit card received by Agency/Cruise Provider. Agency cannot be responsible for cancelled reservations due to declined credit cards, debit cards, exceeding daily limits, or if a Provider rejects the card for any other reason. Agency will try to reach Customer at the phone number or email address provided for an additional method of payment. Until the deposit is confirmed and accepted by Agency and all necessary Providers, the price of the Cruise Vacation is subject to change.

    Final Payment. The final payment will be deducted automatically by Agency/Cruise Provider with the card provided at the time of Purchasing and up to 7 business days before the Provider’s final payment due date (set forth on the written Confirmation) in accordance with each Provider’s policies. There is no need to contact Agency if payment is to be made on the same card as the deposit. If using a debit card be aware that many banks have daily limits for withdrawal. Agency or Providers may accept all major credit cards, as well as cash, checks (personal checks are only accepted 90 days or more prior to the travel date), certified checks and money orders. Customer Service must be called at 800-470-6545 or contacted via email ( at least 10 days prior to Provider’s final payment due date if final payment method is to be different than the deposit payment method. Agency cannot be responsible for any overdraft, or bank charges due to charging an incorrect card or as a result of automatically charging a card, as provided by Customer at the time of booking, with the final payment. A fee will be charged for all returned checks.

  4. Tickets and Documents.

    Review of Tickets / Documents. Verify that all Passenger accommodations are correct and confirm that all Passengers’ names are correct and match the documentation that will be used for identification. Providers and Agency may charge a fee plus applicable fare increases for changes made after the tickets and/or documents are issued. Notify a Cruise Specialist or Customer Service immediately if changes or corrections are required.

    Changes. Agency will attempt to accommodate Customer and all Passengers regarding any changes but it reserves the right to deny any request. Agency and Providers may charge per person for all changes i.e. adding/removing air/name change. Please allow three (3) business days for processing any changes i.e. insurance, cancellations or additions, and no changes are considered confirmed unless Customer receives a modified written Confirmation, please contact Agency if Customer does not receive a written Confirmation during these 3 days. Processing issued tickets will take longer. Providers may charge a substantial fee plus applicable fare increases for changes made less than 90 days prior to travel (sailing) date. A cancellation does not constitute a change or correction and different terms apply to cancellations.

    Delivery. Documents will be received approximately 7 to 30 days prior to the first Cruise Vacation travel date. Passenger’s documents may be available via EDOCS. If hard copies of the documents are to be sent out of the United States, there is an additional charge of up to $75 as per the international carrier. International Customers will be notified of this additional fee prior to sending such documents. Please contact Customer Service if Passengers plan to leave home early since certain Cruise lines require paper documents as some do not currently offer any type of EDOCS or pier pickup.

    Missing or Lost Tickets / Documents. Please note upon final payment, in the event no documents are received via EDOCS or other means, the Cruise Vacation is not cancelled and Customer is still responsible for all payments whether Passengers decide to travel or not and furthermore, it is Passengers responsibility to arrive at the port with or without any additional information from Agency. Please contact Customer Service if tickets/documents are lost.

  5. Identification.

    Passengers’ names must match the identification used for the Cruise Vacation. It is mandatory that all documentation reflect complete legal names. A passport may be required for a Cruise Vacation depending on applicable government regulations, please visit the United States State Department website at for more details.

    As of January 8, 2007, all persons, including United States citizens, traveling by air between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda are required to present a valid passport, Air NEXUS card, or United States Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Document. As early as January 1, 2008, all persons, including United States citizens, traveling between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda by land or sea (including ferries), may potentially be required to present a valid passport or other documents as determined by the Department of Homeland Security. Currently, proof of citizenship and photo identification is required for all travel. United States citizens need government issued birth certificates (if a passport is not required), with a raised seal (photocopies are not an acceptable form of identification) and a government issued photo I.D. or a valid passport. Children over the age of 16 are required to provide a photo I.D. issued by a government and all Passengers age 18 and over are required to provide a government issued photo I.D. Marriage certificates or legal name change documentation will be required for anyone with identifications where last names do not match. Non U.S. citizens must contact their country's embassy or consulate concerning specific travel documentation requirements.

    It is your responsibility to be sure you have the correct identification needed for your particular Cruise Vacation. Certain countries require visas for entry and exit. Be sure to check what visas may be needed. Passengers must check with Providers to verify that they provide the correct documentation for the Cruise Vacation. Please immediately notify Customer Service at or the applicable Provider if changes or corrections are needed.

  6. Cruise Line Pre-Registration.

    Most Cruise lines require all Passengers to Pre-Register for their Cruise prior to sailing. These forms must be completed prior to the Cruise Vacation; it is Passenger’s responsibility to make certain that this has been done prior to travel. Pre-Registration forms may be completed online or via fax. The reservation code listed on the Confirmation is the Cruise lines reservation/ confirmation number which should be used for Pre-Registration. Please read Provider’s websites as it contains important information concerning the Cruise Vacation. In addition, carefully review Provider’s policies concerning any and all penalties. If applicable, locate each cabin to verify its location and bedding options. Dining is only on a request basis and cannot be confirmed, and is at the Cruise line’s discretion. Agency will not be held liable for any dining changes for whatever reasons. Verify the accuracy of the Cruise ship, sail date, departure date (if different from sail date), Passenger names and that the Pre-Registration Itinerary from Provider matches the Invoice and/or Confirmation from Agency. Passengers are responsible for all correct information.

    At the time of Pre-Registration, most Providers offer the opportunity to print travel documents via EDOCS. If possible Agency strongly recommends that all EDOCS are printed from the Pre-Registration Cruise line website at least 5 days prior to the Cruise Vacation. It is the sole responsibility of Passenger to review and verify all information printed on the Provider’s tickets, documents and/or accompanying literature.

  7. Cancellation Policy.

    Each Provider has individual cancellation policies and respective penalties. It is important that Customer and/or Passengers review such policies and penalties because of the variance between each Provider. Upon cancellation, Customer is required to accurately complete and send a cancellation form and fee to Agency. Agency reserves the right to process cancellation requests up to three (3) business days after such cancellations has been received (Processing Period). No cancellations will be processed by Agency without prior written approval from Customer. A cancellation is not confirmed until Customer completes and Agency receives the Agency’s Cancellation form (F1-Canl) which can also be found on Agency’s website or by contacting Customer Service. Customer should confirm Agency’s receipt of such Cancellation form. All requests to cancel a reservation must be forwarded to Agency by mail, fax, or electronic mail along with written authorization to charge the Agency cancellation fee. Customer assumes full responsibility if additional cancellation fees are incurred during the Processing Period. In addition, Provider, in accordance with its cancellation policies, may charge additional fees. Customer assumes full responsibility for Provider’s cancellation fees. Agency will retain 10% of the total Cruise Vacation price to be applied to a future cruise (Cruise Vacation Credit) plus any Providers’ penalties. Such Cruise Vacation Credit must be applied to a future cruise that is equal or greater to the total value of the canceled Cruise Vacation and to be Purchased with Agency and has completed sailing within 12 months of the cancellation date. Such Cruise Vacation credit is non-transferable and is to be used only by the original canceling Passengers.

  8. Air Travel.

    Cruise line air transportation to the port city is not included in the Purchase of the Cruise but must be purchased as an add-on to the Cruise price. Airfare can be added by calling Customer Service or a Cruise Specialist. Air availability cannot be guaranteed at time of booking. For bookings made within 14 days of the Cruise sailing date, air is on a request basis and is not guaranteed. Due to limited availability for peak travel dates, non-prime air schedules, charters and overnights may be assigned. Flights may require a stop, change(s) of plane and/or layovers. Air Providers and routings are assigned at the Cruise line’s discretion and are subject to change without notice. Schedules may require overnight travel to/from the port city. Service may be jet, commuter or charter flights. If air transportation is purchased directly from a Cruise line, not from Agency, and there are delays with the assigned air carrier, in most cases the airline will be able to make arrangements for you to reach the ship. Agency assumes no responsibility for assigned air, flights, seating, schedule, or any issues involving air travel. The Cruise lines do not guarantee that Passengers traveling with other Passengers will be on the same airline or routing, Agency disclaims responsibility for such an event. Cruise lines reserve the right to choose the air carrier, routing, flight times, and specific airport for each gateway city. If air transportation arrangements are made through a third party Provider (i.e. through a third party other than a Cruise line), Agency and Cruise lines assume no responsibility. Additionally, if delays are encountered and certain Passengers miss the ship, such Passengers assume all responsibility for, but not limited to, loss of time, money or property. Any special requests for air must be done at least 90 days prior to the departure date. This “special request” service is an air deviation; charges start at $75 per person plus any fees charged by the Cruise line. Also not all Cruise lines include transfers as a part of the air travel package; please contact a Cruise Specialist or Customer Service to see if a transfer needs to be added to the Cruise Vacation.

  9. Travel Insurance.

    Travel insurance provides protection for the Customer and/or Passenger in the event that the trip is cancelled due to certain circumstances (for specific inclusions/exclusions, please contact a Cruise Specialist or Customer Service for details of insurance). Travel Insurance also protects in the event of most medical emergencies, and in some instances, pre-existing medical conditions. Some other benefits may include legal assistance, emergency medical evacuation, and travel document and ticket replacement assistance. Travel Insurance is strongly recommended.

    If Customer buys travel insurance from Agency such travel insurance is not confirmed until Customer receives the specific policy numbers from Agency. It is the Customer and Passengers responsibility to contact the policy Provider to confirm that such purchased policy reflects the coverage requested. Agency is not responsible for any claims that were not covered since it is Customer/Passenger responsibility to confirm that the policy is correct. In addition, Agency is not liable for any dispute between the policy Provider or any third party seller of insurance and Customer or Passenger. Customer may purchase travel insurance from any third party seller of insurance, but if travel insurance is not purchased from Agency, Agency assumes that travel insurance has been declined. Note that it is not Agency’s responsibility to offer travel insurance but that Customer and/or Passenger must request such Product and Service. To purchase travel insurance from Agency, contact Customer Service or a Cruise Specialist immediately.

  10. General.

    Agency is acting as intermediary and agent for Providers identified on the Confirmation and Invoice in selling Products and Services, or in accepting reservations or bookings for Products and Services that are not directly supplied by Agency (such as air transportation, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, meals, tours, Cruises, etc.). Agency therefore shall not be responsible for breach of contract or any intentional, unintentional or careless actions or omissions on the part of Providers, which result in any loss, damage, delay or injury to any Customer or Passenger. Nor will Agency assume responsibility for disputes between a Customer, credit card company, or Cruise line in regards to pricing and/or payments. Agency shall not be responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses caused to any Passenger. By embarking on travel, the Passenger voluntarily assumes all risks involved with such travel, whether expected or unexpected. Customer, by Purchasing this Cruise Vacation, has been advised of the benefits of travel insurance (see section titled “Travel Insurance”) and has read all information included with the Invoice and Confirmation. Customer is solely responsible to convey all information to all Passengers.

    Pregnancy. Most Providers, specifically Cruise lines and airlines, will not allow pregnant passengers who enter a certain week of pregnancy to travel. Please check with the Provider before booking your Cruise Vacation as it may charge penalties for cancellation.

    Disputes. The laws of the State of Maryland (USA), without regard to its conflict of law rules, will govern these Terms. In any such action including actions initiated by Agency, the prevailing party will be entitled to recover all legal expenses incurred in connection with the action, including but not limited to costs, both taxable and non-taxable, and reasonable attorneys' fees.

  11. Contact Information.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the Terms or if you need further assistance with respect to access to or use of our websites or the Products and Services offered by Agency, please contact Customer Service as indicated below. We will attempt to respond to your questions or concerns promptly after we receive them.


    Mailing Address:
    Customer Service
    The Cruise Line Ltd.
    15325 Chinaberry Street
    North Potomac, MD 20878
    United States of America

    800-470-4546 (within the United States)

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